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NEVER pay for a module more than once.

As with many courses some of our modules are also repeated in other courses because the content is relevant.


We DO NOT want you to pay again for something you have already bought.

So YOU choose how to build YOUR course based on what YOU have already & adding what YOU Need!



Our Affirmations can be purchased singularly, as part of a bundle, in writing or as a podcast.

Our Affirmations cover being Debt Free; Calm & Tranquillity; Good Nights Sleep; Ideal Weight; Stress and Anxiety and much much more. 

We also have two Audio/eBooks to help YOU to make the most of the Affirmations YOU use, full of information to help YOU understand Affirmations and hints and tips on how to use them for the best results. These are ‘The Art of Affirmations’ & ‘The Power of Affirmations’

As an Air, Earth, Fire or Water member you can access ALL our Affirmations, and the Audio/eBooks about Affirmations whenever you want to focus your thoughts. To Join see our Memberships Information below.

We have an extension range of Meditations to provide a wide range of support to help you to achieve YOUR dreams. These include meditations for Abundance; Gratitude; Confidence: Happiness; Self-Care; Sleep & Anxiety.

We also have a 4 week course to get YOU started with Mindfulness and two Audio/eBooks ‘The Art of Meditation’ & ‘The Power of Meditations’ to help YOU understand more about meditation, both of which are full of hints and tips to help YOU get the most from YOUR Meditations.

Each meditation is guided and accompanied by silence, chimes, the calming sound of the singing bowl or meditation music.

They are 5 , 10 or 20 minutes long.

We have single meditations, bundles and our pick and mix. Or YOU can become an Earth, Fire or Water Member and access all of our meditations ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE. Check out our Membership Information below.

As always the choice is YOURS.

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If you’re looking for a way to increase YOUR knowledge and focus YOUR thoughts, our eBooks are the perfect solution. They come as downloadable Flip Books that YOU can keep on YOUR phone or tablet so YOU always have them handy plus, YOU can listen to them as audio books too.

As a Fire or Water Member, YOU can access all of our Audio/ebooks. Check out our membership information below. 


Business, Career & Life Success 

If YOU are looking for a sure-fire way to succeed in YOUR professional and personal life, then look no further than our Business, Career & Life Success courses. Including our core Fundamentals and our pick and mix options. These series of courses and individual modules cover all the basics that YOU need to know, plus much much more. With actionable steps and expert advice, whether YOU are just getting started or have been working on your development plan for a while, these modules are YOUR key to unlocking the doors of YOUR SUCCESS!

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If YOU are looking for a comprehensive guide to achieving YOUR dreams in YOUR business, career and life, YOU will want to check out the Fundamentals Collections. This three-part series covers the core modules for all areas of YOUR life, so you can learn how to be successful in every aspect of YOUR life.

Each module in the collection contains valuable insights and advice for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams in business, career and life, and it makes an excellent resource for both personal and professional development.

So what are YOU waiting for? Get started on YOUR journey today!

Understand how the thoughts in your head and the words that you say make a difference to YOUR Business, Career and Life . With our NLP modules learn YOUR Language for SUCCESS!




Access ALL our Affirmations, Meditations, Audio/eBooks

& our Fundamentals for Business, Career & Life Success Series’